The Journey

The road to personal fulfillment is made of infinite paths, challenging situations, complicated relationships, and constant decision points. Every day you are required to make decisions that can help or damage your progress. In essence, you can decide to pursue a professional career as an employee of a corporation or as an entrepreneur. You can also opt to run on both tracks switching paths as you progress. Deciding which route to start depends as much on your economic situation as it does on the career you want.

The first step in creating your roadmap is to run a series of personal assessments to learn more about yourself. NeoCare designed a series of evaluations to identify your approach to relationships, personality compass, individual strengths, motivations, and valorization style. These assessments were also designed to help recognize the career anchors the best suitable to you.

The second step is to cross-reference your profile with thousands of careers available in 7 professional domains (Arts and Entertainment;

Business; Industrial and Manufacture; Health and Medicine; Law Enforcement and Armed Forces; Science and Technology; and Services) to expose the ones that are most aligned with you.

The next step is to review each career's requirements and identify the best approach for you to get started. This process may require the assistance of a mentor and be done over a few days. It can also indicate you may need to create the means to enable the path, should the economic or geographic conditions not be in place for you today.

Once your path is established, the next action is to put it in motion, track your progress and make adjustments as you go. The platform designed by NeoCare will help you keep pace and identify the moments when you should calibrate your journey. You may need to pivot into different routes, stay the course, or even acquire additional skills through a parallel track. In any case, the NeoCare community of mentors and coaches will be there to assist and guide you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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