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85% of people dislike their jobs

Only 27% of clege graduates have a job related to their major. Most people are stuck in a career that is not returning the benefits on the investments they have made. They are stuck with bosses or colleagues they dislike or stagnant jobs. Record high college costs accumulating $1.4 trillion in debts for over 50% of students. To make things less efficient, 53% of college graduates are unemployed or working in jobs that do not require a bachelor's degree.

Create the best roadmap for you

Leverage a comprehensive assessment toolkit to learn more about yourself, and build a career plan based on your strengths and select the most appropriate path to achieve your goals. You can take advantage of the AI-based platform built by NeoCare to help you develop and expand your skills and pivot whenever it makes sense to advance your goals.

Rely on support as you progress

Get 24/7 assistance from experienced mentors in all areas of professional life. Leverage anonymized performance metrics from professionals in compatible careers to analyze your performance, calibrate your targets, adjust your pace, and mitigate risks as the environment changes, new professions are created, and additional skills are required.




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