|Who are they?

They are you! A person that is looking ahead, thinking about the future and all the possibilities it holds. A professional contemplating the next move in a career or a teenager reflecting on what path to take after graduating from high school.

Quite often, decisions related to a career are taken alone and without considering key aspects that may impact your professional development and personal situation. Even when you count on your family and friends' support, they do not always understand the constraints, the desires, or objectives you have in mind.

|Why should you become a mentee?

NeoCare can help you! We created a platform that facilitates mentors' engagement in multiple areas and stages of professional life. Through a secure and anonymous mechanism, you can start managing your career even before leaving school. Our platform helps you create a roadmap based on your profile, including your areas of interest, personality, and personal strengths.

Our purpose is to help you achieve your goals with a fulfilling journey from day one.

When you enroll, you automatically get the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive set of personal and professional assessments;

  • A dashboard to track your progress and adjust your route;

  • Get counseling to challenging situations happening to you at any moment;

  • Benchmark your position with other mentees with compatible profile;

  • Access a library of educational and career tailored material to help you advance your skills;

  • Access market and professional research to calibrate your goals and mitigate future risks;

  • Leverage continuous enhancements in the platform designed to maximize your efforts and expedite your journey;

  • Count on your AI-based personal assistant 24/7.

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