|Who are they?

They are seasoned professionals with vast experience guiding individuals in various life challenges. At NeoCare, they help mentees assess their current situation and identify the best path forward. They offer an independent and impartial perspective on how you can address conflicts, structure negotiations, evaluate alternatives, and mitigate risks.

The mentorship is facilitated by an AI-based platform that supports the best possible matching for each specific situation.

|Why should you become a mentor?

As a mentor, you have an opportunity to monetize your experience and special skills. When you work on a specific situation, you create mentorship synapses. They are registered in the system as authored by you for our mentees' specific problem.

If your synapse helps the mentee, you get paid. Suppose another mentee has a similar problem. The AI-based engine in the NeoCare platform identifies your synapse as a fit for the new situation. In that case, we will share it without you being required to intervene. If your synapse helps this new mentee, you get paid again!

In essence, the business model created for the mentors is similar to the royalty model used by the entertainment industry to pay artists. Every time your synapse is used successfully, you are compensated.

The more you collaborate, the more synapses will be authored by you and be available in the pool of suggestions used by the platform. In time, and with quality content, it increases your chances to monetize your contribution and grow your revenue.

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