|Who are they?

Social conscious corporations or individuals supporting young students or entry-level professionals to achieve their potential. Sponsors are interested in the advancement of the workforce and elimination of the inefficiencies of the existing system. They want to reduce student debts, increase assertiveness related to career choices, and prepare the marketplace for the jobs required in the future.

|Why should you become a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you will help fix the broken professional market by assisting students in choosing the right profession, perform better in their careers, and improve the outcome to society in general. You will also be able to leverage the better professionals NeoCare will be contributing to creating to advance your business further. A well-fit professional will be easy to hire, reducing the risk to your human resources departments.

If you already have college grant programs, you can include the NeoCare platform sponsorship as an additional element supporting and tracking the beneficiary's performance.

Finally, sponsorships to the NeoCare mentees are tax-deductible.

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