Our Products


Executive projects, designed according to Taylor-made logic, directly meet our customers' needs, from IT structuring, technology assessment, analysis of methodologies, and implementation of agile methods, to complete packages with the adoption of technological tools without giving up the change management!


The evolution of what we do best. Far beyond strategic planning. Product fully executed digitally, highly assertive, which combines strategic positioning, swot matrix, competition analysis, favorability index, creating a dynamic action plan entirely online, matrix of values to help prioritize and monitor indicators, in the model agile.


This product combines the best behavioral mapping tools with a high-tech platform dedicated exclusively to improve talent. More than 20 years of experience in people development, all based on proven scientific concepts, positive reinforcement, and self-awareness.


After getting your best version, let's get even more. Take all NeoMentoring luggage to your team. Leverage the delivery of everyone based on the most advanced concepts in people development. Elevate your company's performance by cultivating talent and offering them a space for multi-development.


The product brings together the most advanced in the market, the experience of more than ten high-performance mentors, great care in execution, strategic approaches, and high-level information mapping. Fully developed by us in the99, before migration, there was no better tool for you to know, with graphic detail, points of behavior at certain times, hidden from your team members.


You know the value of hiring. And the price of hiring wrong? Bringing the best professionals to its team, with the most significant adherence, technical, and behavioral, and corporate culture, is the objective of NeoHunting. We've hired more than 100 professionals over the past five years since we consolidated our solution in this current process. With extensive use of technology, a process very well designed and proven daily, the execution by a highly specialized team, NeoHunting always delivers to your business the right people for the right job.


For those of you who are professionals in people management, hr, talent development, in short, we package all our best tools, mappings, adherence analysis, and much more in a platform. For those of you who are a Coach, Mentor, or work with Development Plans, control everything on a single screen for all your team members. Take your work to the next level with NeoTalent.